About Me

I am a Computer Science PhD student at UC Davis. I graduated from Old Dominion University with a BS in geology, went back to school at the University of Washington because I wanted a BS in in computer science, and finished up there with a Masters degree instead. The latter I did while working full-time, and (apparently since it was so much fun to do it that way) that's what I'm doing again. I'm working full-time at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, but at least this time, my work roughly parallels the research.

My adviser at UC Davis is Professor S. Felix Wu, and I am currently working on social content creation. My research interests include ontologies, graphs (the mathematical/computer science kind, not the pretty pictures), and machine learning. I generally maintain a membership in ACM and/or AAAI or IEEE societies.

So, thanks for visiting, drop me a line on one of the bazillion social nets I'm on (I did mention my interest in graphs!) or by email.