Professional Background

I have been working as a software engineer for over ten years, using a variety of tools, frameworks, and backend persistent data stores. I primarily work in Java these days, using J2EE extensions, and mainly cozy up to Oracle (though I an conversant with other RDBMS). I also am familiar with XML, and have written XSDs for validation and XSLs for transformation.

Most recently, I have been working on network data analysis techniques for improving cyber defense capabilities at LLNL.   Before that, I was primarily engaged in applying various semantic graph technologies to the problem of data fusion across disparate data sources, including corpora of plain text documents. My main interest is in working on research-oriented projects, leveraging recent publications in trying to discover pertinent new techniques to problems facing the national security community.

My resume is available by request, and parts of it are scattered across my social networking profiles, but perhaps most cohesively presented via Linkedin.